Nechama Rhine RDH

Dental Hygienist

Nechama, our esteemed Dental Hygienist, seamlessly combines health and beauty in her practice. A New Jersey native, Nechama completed her education at Bergen Community College, graduating with honors. From a young age, she prioritized education and has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Delta Dental award and NJDA Volunteer Appreciation award. Outside of work, Nechama cherishes moments with family and friends, engages in fitness activities, and indulges in cooking, baking, and exploring the outdoors.

With a holistic approach to patient care, as a dental hygienist, Nechama emphasizes the oral systemic correlation, emphasizing interprofessional collaboration for optimal health outcomes. Her extensive volunteer work with patients of all ages and chronic illnesses underscores her understanding of the intricate connection between oral and overall health. Nechama’s experience spans patients of diverse health statuses, affirming her readiness to partner with individuals in achieving not just oral health but also a radiant smile.

Recognizing the significance of both functionality and aesthetics, Nechama offers an organic, FDA-approved whitening solution to enhance her patients’ smiles. This in-office whitening procedure delivers immediate results without compromising safety, as it utilizes chemical-free, food-grade ingredients. Nechama’s commitment to her patients’ confidence and satisfaction ensures they leave with not only healthier mouths but also brighter, more beautiful smiles.

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