Dental Implants

Missing teeth leave unsightly holes in your smile and pose a threat to your overall oral health. If you’re missing teeth, schedule an appointment with the dental professionals at Genesis Dental in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.
With their high-quality and state-of-the-art dental implants, Genesis Dental can fill the spaces in your smile to make you feel as if your missing teeth suddenly grew back overnight. Schedule your visit by calling the office and restore your smile today.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically implanted into your jaw and replace missing tooth roots. They’re made from biocompatible substances, like titanium. That means that your body doesn’t recognize your implant as a foreign substance, so your implant fuses with your jawbone as you heal from your placement surgery.

Once your implant fuses with your jawbone, it functions just like a natural tooth root, providing healthy stimulation to your jaw and creating a foundation onto which your dentist can seal a crown, bridge, or dentures.


Why should I get dental implants?

As a tooth replacement option, dental implants have many benefits, such as:

  • Easy care
  • Permanent and stable
  • Feel and function just like a natural tooth
  • Don’t require removing enamel from neighboring teeth
  • Prevents your other natural teeth from shifting out of alignment

Dental implants also preserve the integrity of your jaw by stimulating your jawbone. This prevents your jawbone from deteriorating and helps to maintain the appearance of the muscles around your mouth and the appearance of your face.

As far as form and function, replacing a missing tooth with dental implants will leave you feeling as if you were never missing a tooth in the first place.


What’s involved in getting dental implants?

All it takes to install your implants are a few easy visits to Genesis Dental.

Your first visit is your placement surgery, where your dentist inserts your implant into your jaw by cutting open your gum and drilling a small hole in your jawbone. As you heal from this surgery, your implant fuses with the bone in your jaw.

Once you’ve healed and your implant is fused, you come back to Genesis Dental to get your abutment. This is a small post that’s affixed to your implant. It sticks up out of your gum and serves as the connective support for your restoration.

After your abutment is placed, your dentist takes an impression of your mouth and fits you with a restoration, like a crown, bridge, or dentures. Once they seal the impression to your abutment, you have a beautifully restored smile that will make you feel as if you were never missing a tooth.

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