Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can provide your smile with long-lasting relief from mouth pain. If you need oral surgery, schedule an appointment with Genesis Dental in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.
The team provides excellent treatments with the most up-to-date tools available to modern dentistry, ensuring that your smile stays beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. To learn more about how oral surgery can improve your smile, schedule a consultation with Genesis Dental by calling our office today.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure performed on your oral tissues, like your teeth, gums, or mouth.

For many people, the word “surgery” conjures up the idea of general anesthesia and lengthy hospital stays, but many oral surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures under local anesthesia and require little to no recovery downtime.


What are some examples of oral surgery?

Some oral surgeries that are frequently performed include:

  • Sinus floor lifts
  • Root canals
  • Extractions (routine, surgical, and for wisdom teeth)
  • Removal and treatment of abscesses
  • Guided tissue regeneration with bone grafts and collagen membranes
  • Gum surgeries for periodontal disease
  • Surgical placement of dental implants
  • Alveolar ridge (jawbone) expansion, modification, and augmentation

Genesis Dental uses the most state-of-the-art tools during oral surgeries to offer patients the most advanced, effective, and efficient treatments available.


How should I prepare for oral surgery?

While the nature of your surgery depends on the particular treatment you’re getting, your journey towards better health always begins with a consultation at Genesis Dental. Your dentist assesses your condition, recommends a course of treatment, and answers any questions you might have about your surgery.

You and your dentist will likely discuss the following topics before your surgery:

  • Medications you’re currently taking
  • Any past health complications
  • Your reaction to anesthesia in the past
  • Eating and drinking restrictions before and after the procedure
  • Transportation to and from your procedure (if you’re getting sedated)

Your dentist also walks you through each step of your procedure so that you feel informed and comfortable on the day of your surgery.


What do I do after oral surgery?

Genesis Dental provides you with both verbal and written instructions after your procedure to make it easier to remember and follow your aftercare. Your precise post-operative care will depend on the condition you had treated.

The dental team might suggest that you use antimicrobial rinses, keep your surgical sites covered in gauze, and avoid certain foods and drinks. Following your aftercare instructions decreases your recovery time, minimizes your post-operative discomfort, and increases the success of your procedure.

To learn more about the state-of-the-art oral surgeries offered by Genesis Dental, schedule a visit by calling the office today.

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